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In the last two decades we have seen drastic changes in the world of photography. Even though it was always known as a democratic art, the lowering in prices for quality consumer level digital cameras suddenly made photography more accessible than ever. A decade after the birth of social media more images are taken and uploaded daily than were taken in the whole of the 20th Century. We now suffer a daily assault of images like never before in the history of the world. But with this assault comes questions.

One of the main problems that arises immediately is that of crop-factor with the restrictions that social media places on images creating unintentional exclusions in our image. Is this the way to view good images? Certainly not. Another problem is that our viewing on social media is necessarily a single view experience, the power of multiple images and the connection between them lost in the noise of the social onslaught.

With this website we attempt to do the opposite, show images, give them room to breathe, the photographer time to tell their story. We are looking for the brave few that search for stories, fearless that want to tell visual tales, the dogged that chronicle the life around them. We are here for them. Submit your personal project, the one you have been working on for years. Send the photos that you know you wont get published anywhere else but still has some artistic merit. This is the space for that. We are the answer to "I took the images, now what?"

We come to see, we leave being moved.

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