My work has always incorporated a sense of awareness to my personal experiences and nature, but I have not always been aware of this, it has been something I have done subconsciously. My current work has been the first time I have explored this link between myself and nature.

We all have challenges in life and various things to work through and overcome. For me, this has been my experience with back pain over the course of many years and although my condition is not serious or life threatening in any way, it has had a large impact on my life. My photography has in fact become a way of exploring this within the subjects I shoot. Fragile is no different and here I have captured natural structures whilst out on daily walks that caught my attention with their fragility and vulnerability. Mirroring that of our own bodies.

I aimed to show the delicate structures, the vulnerability and beauty that lies at our feet. By focusing on these I was able to distract myself from any discomfort I may be feeling, the dark tones and colours inspired the aesthetic of the work, drawing you in to the details and disconnecting from the surroundings.

This series contains 12 images and 12 words. These words are those that sometimes cross my mind whilst out, making my self aware of my body and focusing on my surroundings as a way of observing and reflecting on myself.

Laura Marsh lives in East Kent, UK. She has always had an interest in photography, and this developed further after studying Art and Design at college.  From there she went to University to continue her studies at degree level. She has worked in education for nearly 12 years and currently works at a college within the Higher Education department, alongside studying for her MA in Photography.

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