'The frontier of our world is not far away; it doesn't run along the horizon or in the depths. It glimmers faintly close by, in the twilight of our nearest surroundings; out of the corner of our eye we can always glimpse another world, without realising it. We are walking all the time along a shore and along the edge of a virgin forest. Our gestures would seem to rise out of an entity that also encompasses these concealed spaces, and in an odd way they reveal their shadowy existence, although we are unaware of the roar of waves and shrieks of animals...; we are unaware of the glittering jewels in the unknown world of nooks and crannies. Usually we don't stray off the path even once in our lifetime.' -Michal Ajvaz, Czech writer.

In 'Idiosyncracies of belief’, mysteries are concealed behind the facade of the landscape. Imaginative connotations are assigned to mundane situations. The sense of time and place is suspended, challenging one’s existing habits of reading familiar settings.

Roxana Savin is a photographic artist who engages with the politics of space, and the relationship between place and identity.

You can buy her book at her website www.roxanasavin.com