David Bailey wrote that you areonly fresh to a new place for day or two at the most. After that the eye gets used to what it sees, ignoring the inconsistencies, the patterns that you should normally spot. That is one of the great things about travel, it opens your eyes to a new place.

A few weeks ago I spent a few days in the Tankwa Karoo. About three hours away from the lush green of Cape Town it is a semi arid desert that at times resembles the images taken by the Mars Rovers so strongly that you have to do a double take. To be under open skies and taste the dust in your mouth, and in my case, smell the rain on hard baked ground, you can not but come away with a new world view. Our place in this world is negligent and nature can take it away from us with a snap of her mighty fingers. Nature never asks questions, it only makes statements. The statement made by the Tankwa Karoo is something that translates past our small and insignificant lives.