‘The Glasgow Effect’ is a term associated with the low life expectancy of Glasgow’s population. The East End in particular has been classed as the most deprived area in Scotland and over the years there have been many studies which suggest this is linked to high unemployment, poor health, addiction issues and crime.

The primary focus for the ongoing research project is to illustrate how the East End, Glaswegian urban landscape continues to be a place of desolation, that is neglected and overlooked resulting in the issues being swept under the carpet. Throughout this process I explored the concepts of New Topographics, place/non-place and liminal space by constructing a surreal environment from the reality of the situation, that conveys the alienation of the community to the rest of society. The rationale behind this is to demonstrate how certain parts of these locations continue to be placed in a state of limbo where they are unable to evolve.

Sofia Conti is a Social-Documentary Photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Over the past four years she has embarked upon her photography journey as a mature student. Recently she achieved a Distinction in a BA Photography degree and is currently studying an MA Photography degree that will allow Sofia to enhance her practice and professionalism within the Documentary and Portraiture genre. The intentions of the projects produced are to raise awareness on issues in a collaborative basis that aesthetically enlighten the audience too evoke a change in attitudes surrounding the subject matter. The images that are included are an example of Sofia’s recent work that considers ‘The Glasgow Effect’ within various locations of the East End community.

Sofia Conti can be located at the following online platforms to review more of her work:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sofiaconti.photography

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/sofiaconti.photography

Website: www.sofiaconti.photography