Urbanisation is something that affects many parts of the UK. My goal is to use the NG4 area of Nottingham as a case study for this theme.

Seeing the area where I live being changed by these developments is something that I have mixed feelings about. Witnessing regeneration is great but seeing green belt lands being redeveloped is tough.

With the pandemic people have been confined to their homes with their only escape being to exercise or to walk outside in their local area. Like many I began to explore my local area of Nottingham but with a more critical view. I have been looking at the banality of the area and how it is made up.

The world immediately around me inspires me and I like to frame what most people might overlook. When looking for beauty in the banal I was inspired by the work of Richard Billingham, Mark Power & painter George Shaw. The banality and the everyday within their work inspired me to look for themes within what I was documenting.  

These images are examples of that change that I am seeing in Nottingham. Which I have psychogeographically captured whilst walking the NG4 postcode border. The images are in order of how I discovered them. In the process of making the work, the importance of colour became apparent quite early on. As I feel that it helps to show the contrast between city and country, between grey and green.

I am also currently producing an A5 risograph printed book of these images with Dizzy Ink in Nottingham. I am looking forward to offering these books out on my social media channels over the summer. This project was produced while studying for an MA Photography with Falmouth University via Falmouth Flexible Photo.

Ben Parker is a commercial and documentary photographer based in Nottingham, who is currently working as senior photographer at Sunspel Ltd. Ben is also studying an MA in photography with Falmouth University.

In his spare time he likes to buy and sell retro video games and consoles.

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